First few weeks

[Some quotes from Jared’s emails, as he did not yet start writing email blasts]

but thank you
i will take it to the field if it kills me

Temple 2
This is my whole District from the MTC. Elder Ferren who was my companion is to the right of me.

MTC Departure (read first)

Hello Family,

I regret to inform you that I have been diagnosed with a critical illness and will be transferred to a hospital inside Provo.   There will be more details later but I will keep in contact

Love you guys,

Elder Blatter

MTC Departure 2

Yo I am just kidding. I am leaving the MTC to take UTA up to my mission boundaries. I am leaving the MTC on Tuesday the 12th at 7:35 am. I have special permission to do this don’t freak out okay.

Love everyone lots,


You think college matures you? No. The MTC matures you.


I have thirty emails so I would love if you could communicate to everyone who needs to email me that I will be going in order of who sent their email so not to play any favorites except family comes first. Anyways my first week sorta went very well. We do lots of finding which is when we visit investigators and members who are less or not active in order to set up lesson times. It’s kinda disappointing when no one answers ever or they come to the door and are like, “we r kinda busy right now” or “we r doing fine already” I just want to bring people closer to Christ and they don’t know what they are missing. Anyways I am still all good. I have probably the best trainer I will ever have ever. He also enjoys me as a companion. He knows all of my alternative bands and likes to do outside stuff. I still have to nudge him out the door to go running through but no worries. Anyways love everyone lots and I will send an email with all my pictures on it in just a second.


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