Hello everyone!

This week I had to get my bike and buy a ton of stuff at Walmart and then clean our apartment which hasn’t been cleaned for a long time. I also got to write president every week so I will talk later next week. Make sure people know that if I don’t respond it’s cause I am going in order.

This is a convert that we baptized on Saturday.


This week I am more organized and isolated myself from people so they
won’t talk to me as I am emailing and I can focus more on what to say.
Anyways so this week has been extremely hot. It is from 95–105 degrees
every day from 11 AM – 7:30 PM because the days are so long. The lows here are
the normal average for this time of the year.

Basically it’s short sleeves or rolled up long sleeves every day. We have bikes and that is the best thing ever because we get places so much quicker than walking but we also get hot and sweaty but oh well. We have one investigator back on date for baptism after he was struggling heavily with Word of Wisdom problems for a week. He had recently been separated from his wife and basically felt sorry for himself and started getting himself into things he shouldn’t but he is back on track through many nights trying to reason with him when he was under the influence.

On a lighter note we had a lesson with two kids of a less active and we committed them to baptism! We have a lot more to teach but we might have three more baptisms this transfer! I am eating well and working out every day. I make my companion run and after the first mile loop he grabs his bike so I can run another mile. A half an hour is a very short amount of time that’s for sure.

Loving the mission! Love the area and the people. Time is really going by quickly even though I feel so much older. Working every day is the best feeling ever.

Love you all!

Elder Blatter!


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