This week has a number but I forgot it

How is it going everyone!

This week has been basically a normal week for us. We got a new investigator and we have been teaching her for this past week. We have her on date for this weekend! We have been teaching her every other day and now this week we will be meeting with her every single day. She has progressed so much even though she had basically no religious background at all.

We got dinner from a family who their mom is from India so she made us legit homemade curry for us and it was awesome! We were told that she doesn’t make that meal for many people so we lucked out.

On Wednesday we had a Zone Conference so that all the missionaries could get to know President Palmer and his wife better. We got trained and learned how to teach our lessons in the simplest way possible. We learned that the hard way when we have overwhelmed people we have taught by going too in depth on the things we are teachings.

We had an opportunity to teach the priesthood on Sunday to help encourage them to serve missions. It reminded me of when missionaries would visit the priest quorum and tell us to go serve missions. I am glad that I followed their advice.

Today we are attempting to do a Preparation Day activity at a park downtown. So we are wasting a day of coordinating rides and driving to go to a park 30 minutes away to go to a park where we have 5 parks within biking distance. I am confused but I hope we have fun. I won’t have a lot of time to write emails this week so bare with me. Next week we shouldn’t be going anywhere I hope. I am writing this email from a back of a van that severely needs a tune up on its suspension. A member of the ward has a BMW 750 Li that he is letting his brother in law use before he sells it. That brother in law has a Lexus LS 435 and he says you need to have both cars in order to be happy. The BMW has the performance and handling you want but the Lexus has the luxury and is more of a GT car. It’s fun being driven around by all these members because I get to experience so many different cars. I analyze their suspension and interiors and how high they have to rev the engines in order to get up to speed. I know why American cars are still in business because of places like this.

Love you all!

Elder Blatter


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