This week was even better than last week!!

Elder Blatter finds a hat
Elder Blatter finds a hat

It’s amazing how fast the mission is going by! I don’t know about you Mom, but time is just flying by! We got our assignments for the next transfer on Saturday morning. Unfortunately I am leaving my beloved Granger Stake and heading out to Magna West. I don’t know my address yet but that will all be taken care of at transfer meeting. The entire mission will be meeting at the Whitehall building (where the mission office is) for a short meeting and then journey back to their respective areas to continue in the work. My companion is Elder Castillo and I know nothing about him except that he is a district leader just like Elder Christensen is. I am excited to see how I can grow from going to a new area and having a new companion.

Zone Activity: Flour Wars.  I survived the most.
Zone Activity: Flour Wars. I survived the most.

This week I have seen how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless someone’s life. Sarah is less active we are working with in helping with her desire to come to church more often. She has been through some extremely rough times in her life battling harmful  substances, having a surgery, and her children causing havoc in her apartment complex. She is a trooper though and all the things she is going through applied perfectly to the lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we taught her. Over the past few weeks I have seen a complete change in her.

Our District
Yus…our district

In other news I went to “The Days of 47” parade in downtown Salt Lake City on State street. It was pretty darn amazing because of all the floats, vintage cars, and new cars. Many stakes around the Salt Lake area are assigned to create a float for an entry in the parade. They form a committee and make a plan that they submit for approval. Then the building of the float begins and all the wards volunteer time to put the materials that the stake pays for together for the float. We got to help paint the majority of the float for service which was a ton of fun. We then went down the morning of the parade to see our float go by. We knew a few of the people holding banners and on the floats so we embarrassed them to the best of our ability. There was a brand brand new Mustang, a newer Camaro, like 4 Mercedes SL 400, a standard Jaguar F-Type, an AWD F-Type R, and a Porsche 911 Carrera. It was so awesome. There were several vintage cars mostly from the 1920s or older but they were fun to look at. President Eyring drove by in a Jeep at the beginning of the parade and he was surrounded by his security personal. All of the floats were extremely creative and all unique in their own way. BYU and U of U had their own floats so there were cheers for both of those entries.

Float - Future 1
The Jordan River Temple on a futuristic float
Float - Future 2
Fabulous detail
Float - Runner
Runner float
Float - Nature 3
Searching for investigators while on a raft
Subaru WRX
Beautifully modified Subaru WRX that had this awesome license plate

Float - Nature 1 Float - Nature 2

Elder Christensen is posing
Elder Christensen is posing

Johnny got baptized this weekend! He was the investigator that I came into the mission field and he was having some tough times with worldly substances but he worked through his problems and he is all clean and now officially a member of the Church! More importantly he has the Holy Ghost which is awesome because that is always a great help for us.

Johnny's Baptism
This is Johnny the shorter guy. Brother Gillette is the older fellow. He is the ward mission leader and he is awesome.

We have a new investigator because her son got back from his mission and she has become interested in the church. She has been coming for awhile but now she wants to meet with the missionaries to make it official. She is from the Philippines so it is sometimes hard for her to understand some of the language. Luckily her son just got back from his mission…in the Philippines so when she needs translation it is all good. We committed her to baptism on the second lesson and now I know why return missionaries get married so fast because they commit people so fast. If they can’t keep commitments then the person has to be dropped. Makes sense right? Of course it does. Anyways I’ll be in Magna next time we chat so we will see how this goes. Peace out for now children.

Children stole my iPad on the way to dinner
Children stole my iPad on the way to dinner

Love you all!

Elder Blatter


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