Weekly Email

This is where the bishop lives. Yes on the far right side is a garage for his motor home. And he has an indoor basketball court (only half) inside his house.

This week was chillllll(yyyy)

This week was full of lessons, lots of finding, and much rain. Something interesting about this area when we go visit referrals is that people are always so polite in how they say they are not interested. We have lots of door conversations because everyone is nice and like to talk. It is awesome.

We had Zone Meeting on Friday and it was awesome. I was assigned to prepare a training on repentance. My companion uses a hairdryer to get his hair perfect. Anyways the training went well and Zone Meeting helped me and the other missionaries a ton! With the changes in the Salt Lake City mission, there were missionaries from other missions. … The Zone Leaders invited us to make changes, be more obedient, and work harder by applying the Gospel of Jesus Christ but it was all because they wanted us to do better because they loved us. I like our Zone.

On Saturday we helped out our bishop with a special baptism. The girl to be baptized was autistic and so there was much discussion on the way that the family wanted to baptize her. Eventually it was decided to have a small baptism with just the immediate family and the bishop. The bishop needed someone to fill up the font and so we did that (the hot water was being stupid for awhile) and we were the witnesses. We also participated in the confirmation. It was a special and spiritual experience for all of us and I am grateful I had the opportunity to help out there.

Also on Saturday we did a lot of sports. We played basketball with the youth of the stake so that they could see that missions aren’t all boring and so they could be familiar with the missionaries when we ask them to go on splits with us. We then played golf with one of our wards but the less actives we invited weren’t able to make it so we gained more trust with the members and talked about different people to take out on visits. Then we played a soccer game with one of our ward mission leaders who is the captain of his team. While we were there I was able to talk to several of my teammates about the gospel and about being a missionary so I was fulfilling my purpose as a missionary and also had some fun.

We got huge otter pops that we ate super fast before dinner. That is companion.
We got huge otter pops that we ate super fast before dinner. That is companion.

Anyways big thank you to everyone who writes me and reads my emails and stuff like that you guys are awesome! I love you guys!

Elder Blatter

P.S. Send me more pictures please! Pictures are chill


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