Super Chill Week

This week was busy but chill at the same time.

Country Life
Country life

We had an awesome Pday I forgot to tell you all about. We went bowling and hung out with all the missionaries in the Zone. We got free pizza so it was a good day. We then made music videos on the way home and I’ll have a picture of that sent because that was freakin’ awesome.

Only in Utah you would see these signs
Only in Utah you would see these signs

Anyways that night I went on exchanges again with one of the Elders on my district who is from the South Pacific Islands. He is awesome! He is going home in the same amount of time that I have been out which is crazy. But then the next night after exchanges I went out to Tooele again for a baptismal interview. That was an extremely spiritual experience as I conversed with this 10 year old girl who had such a strong testimony of the church.

Awesome sky
Awesome sky

We got to do some awesome service for an elderly couple on Saturday.  We used these machines that were two wheeled weed whackers and they had engines the size of lawn mowers on them. So we weed hacked the edges of the 1.5 acre yard while one of our senior couples used a ride on lawn mower to do the middle section. It was awesome to be like WE DID THIS. It looked real good.

Sketchy doll
Sketchy doll

We got tickets to go to the Priesthood Session this weekend for General Conference so I will let you know about that next week!

Anyways you all are awesome and I appreciate all the emails and things like that 🙂

Elder Blatter

P.S. You guys should send more pictures too!


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