Mondays are the Weekend

Zone Leadership Council lunch at Panda Express.

You get to a point in the mission where each week is basically the same. The only thing different is what you have for dinner and your tie.

Live United
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We had service this week with one of the people we work with. His wife had torn up the carpet to replace it and we were there to put sub flooring in and to lay down the linoleum. It was awesome to see how happy she was with the result. They had been talking about putting in a new floor for years. That was pretty chill. They are an awesome family and will hopefully be getting sealed this month!

With Homecoming going on this weekend and Grantsville being the small town that it is, everyone was hyped up for the game and the dance the following night. So on Friday we made a brief appearance to the Homecoming football game. Literally everyone goes to the game even people who have no kids in school. It was pouring rain and our team was down 41-0 so we left at halftime.

On Saturday we helped a family move and moves in Utah are the best.  Everyone in the neighborhood including the dog (yes someone brought their dog to the move) shows up to help. We had endless pick up trucks and huge trailers rated for 30,000 lbs to move this family. It was great.

Not saying I want one but...I want one.
Not saying I want one but…I want one.

We watched conference at different members’ houses so it was pretty chill. We didn’t end up going to the Priesthood session because we didn’t have anyone to take with us. So we gave the tickets to another set of Elders in our Zone. There were some awesome talks I have to admit this Conference. It was great receiving that spiritual boost.

Anyways thank you for everyone writing me and sending pictures you are awesome!

Elder Blatter


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