Take me back. Back to the Shack.

Elder Flanagan and I make good faces.  I don’t know why that is my subject line I just felt like saying it.  Anyways this week…

On the way to Zone Conference. We took a dirt road that led to bike jumps so we had to turn around but it was fun.
On the way to Zone Conference. We took a dirt road that led to bike jumps so we had to turn around but it was fun.

We had Zone Conference on the Tuesday. That was awesome. I took so many notes on things to do and to follow up with my district on. We got spiritual trainings on how to fulfill our mission vision. It was super cool our mission president woke up in early hours of the morning and had this revelation come to him and over the course of like a half hour he wrote out what the Lord wants the missionaries in the Salt Lake City West mission to do. I’ll attach it as a picture at the end of this email.

We also had trainings on temporal things like flu shots/staying healthy, using mission owned cars properly, and keeping our apartments clean. We got catered by Panda Express which a Stake President hooked up for us so that was awesome. After Zone Conference I went on exchanges with Elder Flanagan who is a hilarious missionary. We worked hard though and had a good time.

On Saturday we watched part of a youth football game. The coach for the team was one of the people we are working to get to the temple and his son is on the team also. They were super happy to see us there! We had referees and spectators coming up to us and saying hi and shaking our hands. We also got free burgers so I was pretty happy.

I have taken Elder Durrant’s challenge to heart and have been ponderizing a scripture a week. I have tweaked. I keep the same spiritual thought until I feel that I am ready to focus on something else and then I change it. Right now I have the words to “Lord, I Would Follow Thee” as my background. I am doing my best to apply that to my life. I encourage all of you to think of a scripture or song or passage to ponderize so that you can draw closer to our Savior by developing his character traits. I promise you will be happier in your daily lives and in your relationships with others.

I do appreciate all of your emails. Keep sending pictures and emails.  You guys are awesome!!

Elder Blatter


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