MTC Throwback

Jared sent home lots of MTC pictures this week so here’s a post just for that.

Temple 2

My District from the MTC. See the girl in the blue (Sister Soelberg)?  Her grandma lives in Grantsville and I am having dinner with her grandma this week. #smallmormonworld


The Elders from our Zone during the first week.

Pinterest picture

This is like a …. Like a pinterest picture lol.


He had the same exact suit, tie, bag, shirt, and pencil in his ear…and he was in my Zone.

Member of branch presidency

This was a member of the branch presidency who knew Kay Blatter. He was awesome. He had lots of good advice.

Elder Bledsoe

I feel like we should make a meme out of this or something. Elder Bledsoe (blood-sow) was his name.

Taking up a lot of tables

All the way down this table is our Zone…we took up a lot of tables.

Best selfie

One of the best selfies I took probably in my life. I’m pretty proud of it. Yep.

Elders Kimball and Tenifa

I am not really sure what is going on in this picture but on the right is Elder Kimball and on the left is Elder Tenifa. (tin-eefa).

Brother Crosby

This is Brother Crosby. He was our night classroom instructor. He was awesome and hilarious. My current companion got taught by him for a little bit in the MTC also!

Sister Spence

This is Sister Spence who taught our afternoon classes she is also awesome and hilarious. We had amazing teachers in the MTC. I am holding a brownie because I was eating it and I needed to take a picture also.

Simultaneous selfie

We all took a selfie at the same time…there are like two other Elders you can’t see.


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