There is Snow on the Mountains: Winter is Coming

Hey everyone what is up everywhere else in the world except Utah?

This week was pretty mellow I guess. We had many opportunities for missionary work and we took every single one we could. It was a good week for the missionaries of the Grantsville Stake.

I forgot to mention this last week but I had the opportunity to put someone on date last Sunday. That is when you are on the second or first lesson with an investigator. You have taught the Restoration and talked a little bit about the importance of baptism. You then ask them a straightforward question. In Preach My Gospel is teaches us to say, ‘Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by the proper priesthood authority of God?” And if they say yes you say, “We are holding a baptism on (a date). Will you prepare yourself to be baptized on on this date?” And then if all goes well they say yes. So I had the opportunity to put one of our investigators on date and it was such a cool experience!

Eating broccolli at a member's house
Eating vegetables at a member’s house
With their kids after dinner
With their kids after dinner

Our Halloween was pretty chill also. My companion was invited to the baptism of one of the investigators he was teaching in his last area.  So on Halloween night we went to the church in his old area and attended the baptism. I think baptisms are one of the best meetings to go to. There is such a strong spirit there. Someone is making covenants with Heavenly Father and that is a fantastic thing for anyone even if you don’t know them. We then went back home and stayed in our apartment till bed time. The rule was for all the missionaries to be inside the church building with all the other missionaries or to be at home. Don’t worry we still got PLENTY of candy from all the members who heard that we didn’t go trick or treating.

Random fact of the day according to Wal Mart there is only 52 more days till Christmas so that is pretty cool!

Just want to express my love and appreciation to all of you who send me emails and pictures. I really do appreciate each one and love hearing from everyone!

Elder Blatter


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