White Stuff Everywhere

Yes it finally snowed and stayed on the ground. How is everyone doing!? Hopefully enjoying winter as much as I am. This is going to be fun doing missionary work in the snow on bikes.

This week was pretty darn awesome! We are staying incredibly busy which is good because it is better to be busy with lessons than to not have anyone to go visit. We are blessed to have people who have been prepared by Heavenly Father who are ready for us to teach.

We had an extremely powerful District Meeting on Friday. When people participate and share testimonies that is when you can feel the Spirit the most. We talked about how to help people make and keep commitments. When we invite people to make a change in their life we are inviting them to change which is a crazy thing to think about how much of an influence we are in their life.

We had the opportunity to do some super fun and manly service on Saturday. We chopped wood for two hours for families who need firewood for the winter. It was an Elders Quorum activity so they brought chainsaws, trucks, and trailers and we all felt manly cutting up dead trees and splitting wood. We were super sore though.

On that same Saturday we had a baptism with an investigator who had been meeting with the missionaries for about a year. She had to get married before she was baptized so that what kept her from entering into that covenant but it was an amazing experience to see her be baptized. Our mission president and his wife attended the baptism and the confirmation the next day in church. They have a soft spot for Grantsville.

Today we had the opportunity to go to the temple and participate in a session. Many missionaries had prepared names for that day so we helped each other out. I love family history work. All in all. Quite a fantastic week in my opinion! I appreciate all the emails and pictures you all send me so keep it up!

Love, Elder Blatter


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