Okay It Is Slightly Cold Now

Yo whats up everyone!  I apologize for not sending any pictures last week but I will definitely get them to you all this week.

Five Year Old Art.JPG
One 5 year old made all of this for us during the course of one lesson. So it is our tribute to them on our wall.

Anyways we had a great week!  We are still staying busy even if it a wee bit chilly outside. We just keep moving and we stay warmer.  Now it sucks going downhill on a bike because of the windchill and you aren’t working as hard to go down a hill as you are going up a hill but no worries.  Could be worse.

Wrong Road Airport.JPG
We took the wrong road while downtown and ended up in the airport #notTrunky
Little League Football Parade.JPG
The little league football team (10-12) won state and we got stuck in their huge parade down main street. The team rode into town on firetrucks. Yes nothing goes on here and they go all out for the little things.

We had interviews with President this week.  I found out while talking to his wife during my companion’s interview that they both are/were runners!!  He has done 13 Marathons all over the West/Central United States!!  He and his wife love hiking and tackling crazy mountain trails which is super awesome.  Now we got them excited to take the mission on a huge hike in the Summer.  I also brought up the idea to them about Mission Olympics where we compete against each other.  That would be awesome.  Anyways we are truly blessed to have such a loving and kind mission president.  The way he talks to us and prays for us show his love and devotion to the missionaries.

Michelle's Baptism.JPG
This is Michelle. She endured meeting with missionaries for over a
year and a half, getting married, and finally getting a house and now
she has entered into a covenant with Heavenly Father. She is awesome.

On Saturday we took one of our investigators to a baptism and that was incredible.  He has a week till his baptism and that last week is usually the hardest part for anyone.  We are planning on daily contact with him.

Elder Hunt and brother.JPG
Elder Hunt on the left had his brother (Elder Hunt on the right) join his companion (back right) for about 2 days before his little brother left on a mission. His little brother was set apart and everything so it was way cool.

On Sunday we had an amazing Christmas Fireside put on by all of the missionaries in our mission who wanted to sing.  I was privileged to be part of the choir.  We have so much talent in our mission and we are going to do the whole thing over again this weekend.  The Spirit rarely comes quicker than inviting its presence through song.  We have so many benefits of serving in Utah and we truly are blessed to be here.

Tire Swing
We found a tire swing so we had to use it.
Yes just yes
Yes…just yes.

Anyways thanks again for everyone’s love and support and for your encouraging emails!

Gurgling Fish Pitcher.JPG
I found the covenanted Gurgling Fish Pitcher at dinner!!

Love you all!  Elder Jared Blatter


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