Thanksgiving Week

This week was crazy awesome! I don’t even remember what week number this is!

Car sunglasses.JPG
Sunglasses are cool. My companion is the back left and the other Elders were chilling with us on the way to a dinner put on by the Senior Couples for us because they are awesome.
Sign for Dad.JPG
This picture is for Dad. I need to get him this sign.

On Thanksgiving we had the opportunity to go run a 5k at 7:30 in the morning and it was about 19 degrees F. So I had a great time doing that. I thank my companion who had gone with me on runs for the past week and a half…on his bike…while I ran so I could get ready for the race. He is a stud for doing that.

We were well taken care of on Thanksgiving and spent most of the day at a family’s home eating food and socializing. We left a message with them and when we were leaving it felt like they were real family. We are so blessed to have selfless members who give us opportunities to be in their home.

Dylan came home.JPG
This is when Dylan came down from Idaho and spent a day in the life a
missionary. I am going to miss this kid.

My friend Dylan from BYUI was in the Salt Lake City Area and my awesome mission president allowed him to come spend about half the day with us. He came to District Meeting and participated there to help him prepare to be a missionary. It was super cool to have him there. We have a great mission president!

Kneaders French toast.JPG
All you can eat french toast at Kneaders heck yah!

Burning tie 3.JPG

I am hitting 6 months this Thursday so today was the most convenient day to burn my tie…so I used a lot of lighter fluid and I burned it. That was really weird to think I will be out on my mission for 6 months already. It is going by so fast but I am having so much fun!

Where I am and where I'm going.png
Where I am and where I am getting transferred to.

We had transfer calls on Friday night and I am leaving Grantsville to go to Kearns! It will be lots of fun moving back into the city and gaining more knowledge and experience there. I will miss Grantsville so much.

Investigator who got baptized.JPG
This is our investigator who got baptized. He had been smoking since he was 8 years old and he quit in order to be baptized. He is a champion and probably the nicest guy I have ever met.

One of our investigators were baptized last Saturday. He had been working with missionaries for over two years. On our final visit before the baptism he told us that many, many missionaries have sat on the couch where we were sitting. We were blessed to see the fruit of many missionaries’ hard work. He was so happy after he was baptized. He was smiling so much! That. Is the best experience on the mission. Seeing someone’s life changed for the better because of the gospel.

On Sunday we sang in the mission choir again and that was awesome! We sounded great and because the chapel we were singing in was in my first area, I got to see a bunch of the people I used to work with. It was super cool.

Anyways thank you to everyone for the emails, pictures, prayers, and words of encouragement. You are all awesome!

Elder Jared Blatter


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