Complete and Total Craziness

This week was nuts! I don’t think I have been this busy on my mission so far. I have gained many responsibilities and duties which is awesome and lots of fun. Lemme tell you how this week went.

Mink tie.JPG
Yep…a mink tie. Member of our bishopric was wearing it.

Tuesday was our Transfer Meeting. Our whole mission gets together and we meet at the mission office which is just a normal church building in our case. All the missionaries who are being transferred bring their stuff and pile it all together. We meet in the chapel and have a short meeting with a musical number, announcements, and words of counsel from our mission president and his wife. This time three Elders and I got to perform as a quartet. The song we sang was, “Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy”. It was quite awesome. My first big performance with a group that small.

Movie 1
Yeah so. Our mission president is amazing. He hooked up the whole mission with a movie at the theater and Chick-fil-A for lunch. It was probably the coolest thing every. Really good movie for missionaries. It was called War Room. In case you didn’t know…he is awesome…our mission president.

My new companion is Elder Stephenson from Oklahoma. He has been out for almost a year. We will be celebrating his year mark just after Christmas. He likes anything outdoors but especially mountain biking, rock climbing, and football. We get along pretty well talking about trails we want to do after our mission and summits to conquer. He is awesome. I have learned so much from him and it is only been a week!

I guess it isn’t a secret anymore but I am blessed to have an opportunity to serve and love to a greater capacity as I have been assigned to be a Zone Leader. We had an amazing meeting on Thursday called MLC (Mission Leadership Council). All of the Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, Assistants, and the mission presidency meet and get trained and discuss the needs of the missionaries. It was incredible. That meeting changed my whole view of my mission. We then had to prepare for Zone Training the next day so we prayed and prepared a lot Thursday night and Friday morning. We were blessed by the Spirit there and were able to convey the messages that were needed.

LotR Signs 2.JPG
I found street signs from Lord of the Rings!! The whole neighborhood is full of signs like this but these are the best ones!

So I am now serving in a YSA assignment. We cover 4 wards and it is a blast! Everyone we teach is super chill and the wards are full of fun, nice people that are all our age. We are privileged to be assigned a car so that was kinda weird getting behind the wheel after 6 months of not driving. We have this box that is called TIWI. It is basically our babysitter which is good to have so we can be accountable.

Lamborghini 2.JPG
Oh yeah…we saw this while driving to lunch. Crazy person has a Lamborghini in Utah with all those stupid dips. But still dope.

I am looking forward to the coming weeks of craziness, serving others, and loving those around me. That is what amazes me the most. The way that you can love someone so much just by talking, teaching, and testifying to someone for a short while. I love it!

Thanks for all of your love and support. I apologize for not emailing as many people this week we had a mission activity that took up most of Pday. Sorry!!

Elder Jared Blatter


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