First Week of the Transfer!

If you guys come to pick me up from my mission. I am taking you here. It is called Bell’s Deli. Missionaries from our mission live in the house that is connected to the restaurant. It is so good!

We were blessed to have an incredible week!

For Emma: One of the guys we teach likes Minecraft

We had MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) this week and it was awesome. It is probably my favorite meeting to go to on the mission so far. We get to be edified by the Spirit that is there and receive loving council from our mission president and his wife.

Throughout the week we were able to meet with almost everyone that we planned to! We have a Ward Mission Leader who is just on fire right now. He is approaching us and telling us that he has set up appointments for us at these times and these members are going to be there at the lesson. If the missionary world was perfect, every ward would be doing that. We hope we can apply that strategy with other wards.

For Christian: This guy had like the exact same sword as you do

It is amazing to see how the Lord blesses us with people to teach. In the YSA assignment you can’t really find on your own. You have to rely solely on referrals and the unknown lists that wards give us of people they don’t know. Those lists give us people to visit but often they close off because they see missionaries. Sunday night we were contacting on that list and we found three YSA aged people to start teaching agin. It was super awesome. One of them even had a Ford Focus ST so that was even better!

We are all assigned to our certain missions, areas, and companionships for a reason. It is amazing to see how much I can learn from others. I truly am blessed to be able to follow the example of others and to receive the correction that I need to make me a better person and missionary.

Thank you all for your love and support!

Love, Elder Jared Blatter


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