Mission Life

We were locked out of a building so we made this in the snow. I think it is pretty dope. #theWestisthebest

This week literally flew by. It is crazy how quick time goes by when you are serving others and talking about Jesus Christ!

We were blessed with many referrals this week from other missionaries and from church headquarters. Finding people to teach in a YSA area relies solely on referrals. It is amazing to see how the Lord blesses his servants with souls to bring back into the fold.

In the mornings on Saturdays and Mondays as a Zone we play soccer for morning workouts. Usually that means if there is snow on the ground we are the first to drive on it on the roads. Saturday morning we were about to go down this extremely steep hill when our car decided to do a 360 spin. Luckily we stopped spinning before the hill.

The computer in the car that manages the traction control and the stability trac got kinda dizzy and so the car’s power was limited. Basically that meant we couldn’t rev higher than 1000 RPMs. So we had two companionships in the car that morning. Three of us pushed while one of us steered the car to the closest missionary apartment. Putting our car knowledge together we unhooked the battery and then reattached it.

Doing so reset the electrical system and we had full power back. Don’t worry Dad we talked to our vehicle coordinator and he gave us the okay. Heavenly Father was truly watching over us that day.

We had the privilege of attending Ward prayer Sunday night. This is when the YSA Ward gathers at someone’s house and have a prayer together and socializes. Pretty simple. However the most humbling feeling overcomes you as you kneel down with the Ward and someone offers a prayer asking our loving Heavenly Father to care for those in need throughout the Ward. It is fantastic.

Thank you everyone for your love and support. You are all awesome for what you do!

Love, Elder Jared Blatter


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