Spring Time

The mom will be marrying the guy in the picture soon. Wonderful family. Soon to be a combined family of 7 kids!

This week was fantastic!

Runner car.JPG
Runner car 🙂 #26.2
Waiting for haircuts.JPG
While we were waiting for haircuts…

We are privileged to be serving in two stakes with many wonderful members. They support us and the Lord’s work so it is awesome.

Throughout my mission I have been blessed to be in areas with people who have been prepared by the hard work of many other missionaries and my current companion and I see them to the waters of baptism and beyond.

Zach baptism
This is Zach. He made so many changes in his life to be standing here in white. He has an incredible testimony and is extremely charitable.

This week we had three baptisms. If that isn’t an awesome week then I don’t know what is. I will be sending pictures of those who were baptized. I love seeing how this gospel can change peoples’ lives for the better. The prophecy given in D&C 18:15-16 is true. There is no greater joy then seeing someone recognize the blessings of the Restored gospel in their lives.

Mini cooper.JPG
This guy used to race mini coopers and so he took us to our next appointed after doing about three figure eights in the parking lot of a park. He was dope. And yes he has a disabled parking permit.

We were also given the opportunity to speak in two wards this past Sunday. That was incredible. We have again such amazing members who desire to share this gospel. We stood and sang “Called to Serve” for the intermediate hymn. That was perfect.

This gospel is true. Jesus is the Christ. I love him and He loves me. That is why I am out here serving Him. Because of the love I feel for the Savior and for my fellow man.

Thank you everyone for all that you do!

Elder Jared Blatter


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