This Week!

Our Zone is the best. West Jordan for life!

The weather has been really good recently here in Utah and so we took advantage of that and went to Temple Square with a family who we are working with to make it to the temple. While there we went to a special program called, “God’s Plan for His Children” It talks about the importance of families and how vital temples are to God’s plan for everyone. It definitely invites the Spirit a ton. We are so lucky to have Temple Square so close to use as a resource to help people have the desire to make it to the temple.


On Sunday we had the dedication of the Provo City Center Temple broadcast. Throughout Utah, members of the church were gathered in stake centers to watch it. The stake center became an extension of the temple and we did the hosanna shout. That was super cool. That was my first time participating in something like that.

West Jordan Zone 2.JPG
Yep yep. We have fun.

We went on emergency exchanges with another set of Elders in Magna so I stayed out there with the Elder that wasn’t having a problem and my companion brought the troubled missionary back to my area. So that was fun being back in Magna. There is a lot of work to be done out there and we had an awesome night. He is about to finish his mission this transfer and it really made me appreciate every day of my mission. I need to make sure I work as hard as I can for the Lord each day.

Pacific Seas Tongan Restaurant.JPG
This is from a Tongan restaurant called Pacific Seas. Good food.

You are all awesome. I love you and all that you do!

Elder Jared Blatter


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