The Lord is first, then my companion, then me

I didn’t take any pictures this week so here is a small animal

So another awesome week in SLC!

We had Zone Conference. We have an amazing mission president. I cannot say that enough. He is just an incredible, Christlike man. I went to Zone Conference with several questions regarding my different responsibilities as a missionary and each one was answered with specific detail. The Lord truly does bless us with personal revelation if we put in effort to receive it.

We are blessed with many people to teach. We met with Craig again this week. He is an extremely spiritual man. He is also facing many challenges in his life right now. It is incredible to see how the people we teach increases our faith in Christ.

Sunday was fast Sunday so combining that with Easter was awesome! Sunday was also an extremely busy evening with the appointments we had. Missionary work cannot move forward without members. That is for sure. We go on splits with members often so they make missionary work possible.

You are all awesome! #Hallelujah

Elder Jared Blatter


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