General Conference!

This describes Joe perfectly 😎

This week was fantastic! I love being here! Let’s just make that clear right now. Everything is awesome. We all experience trials but the knowledge that we have in this church helps us endure it all.

Selfies 2
Selfies while on exchanges

Selfies 1

We did a lot of service this week. My companion loves during service and he is really good at it. So we help out members who need help. I have been blessed with a physical body that I am able to help others and I am going to use it for that as often as I can.

General Conference 2General Conference 1

We. Went. To. The. Conference. Center. It was awesome. We went for the priesthood session. We took Joe. He is awesome. He is overcoming an extreme illness and he is a legend. He has been through a lot. His parents are disowning him for his decision to be baptized but he is moving out to Florida. He has been working with missionaries for over 2 years so it is pretty incredible.

Being downtown with over 21,000 brethren was incredible. Being in the presence of the of prophet was even better. It increased my testimony even more of the prophets. It was just incredible. I love being in this church. I love being a missionary and having the Lord’s name on my chest every day all day.

I love all of you! Have a great week!

Elder Jared Blatter


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