Hello From Sunny Salt Lake City!

This is the legendary District 3! On the left starting from the back are Sisters Hickstein (Los Angeles area) and Gingerich (Lake Tahoe area) and on the right are Sisters Colati (Fiji) (Tholatee) and Latai (Bay area). That is Brother Jensen in the way back on the left. He is our WML and he helps us out a ton. He is awesome.

Hey so not too much time this week but I will give you the best parts (mostly the pictures).

Tree of Life.JPG
Look it’s the tree of life!!
What KFC does do you.JPG
This is what KFC does to you…
Holly's Baptism.JPG
This was two years ago. Holly sent it to me.

We did a lot of service this week. We helped trim trees, make new flower garden boxes, and shoveled goat manure. All of those were lots of fun. I am so lucky to be able bodied so that I can help those around me.

We also had transfer calls and nothing happened for us so we are staying together! We are pretty excited. There is a lot of work to do here in West Jordan so we are pretty pumped. Our district stayed relatively the same also too. Just one brand new missionary coming into our district so that is exciting also.

I will send pictures. I have been doing better at taking those. But thank you everyone for what you all do to support me. I love you!

Elder Jared Blatter

Elder Hunt.JPG
Me and Elder Hunt. His family lives in Brea, Los Angeles, CA and he said he will come to my homecoming talk. He is pretty much awesome.

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