Our Week


We did a ton of service this week! Wow. Like it was a ton of service. We worked on this good brother’s yard for about half of the day on Tuesday. We were doing tree trimming. See pictures attached. He couldn’t afford to get them trimmed down so he bought a saw to do it himself and we volunteered to do it ourselves because he was in his late 60’s. We loaded up three truck loads in a huge Dodge 5500 truck (brought Elder Harris’s uncle). I was the guy on the top of the load stepping on all the branches to fit more in. It was loads of fun.

We talked about the importance of WMLs and member presents in district meeting this week. It was an awesome discussion. I love my district. They teach me so much. We are also so blessed to have great member support and leadership in the stakes that we cover. Those members coming to lessons truly make a difference in the lessons.

WML Black Bear Diner.JPG
One of our awesome WMLs. They sit the same. That is at Black Bear Diner.

I am getting close to finishing the Book of Mormon again. There is no greater way to start your day than reading from the scriptures each morning. I know it’s true and I love it. The weather is beginning to become spring time so when we knock doors people will actually keep them open longer because they don’t get as cold.

Burrito and cup holder.JPG
2 in 1: Burrito Holder and Cup Holder

Love you all! You are all awesome!

Elder Jared Blatter


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