A Week in Review

Down here in good ol’ West Jordan we had an awesome week.

Dead raccoon.JPG
Dead raccoon just for kicks and giggles in the canal.

We have so many people to bring unto Christ. The Lord is truly blessing us with the responsibility of helping these people come unto Christ. It is an incredible experience to see how people can change and grow spiritually.

It's spring.JPG
It’s spring!

We had Zone Training this week. Those meetings always seem to happen right when we need them. This one was focused on going back to the basics of missionary work. It was so wonderful. I got so much out of everything that was taught. It was fantastic.

Jewel selfie.JPG
Found this jewel on my iPad after coming back from getting something from the car. The cross eyed fellow is my “brother” (we were trained by the same trainer) he is our Zone Leader and he is awesome. And that is my companion in the background.

One of the coolest experiences this week was with Craig, our investigator. We met with him and he has been almost handicap for over 7 years because of back problems. He had a procedure done and he says that half of the pain is gone. This is a man who has seen many miracles in his life. He talks about how God has blessed his life so much and that how it is only through Christ that he has gotten through all of his trials. He has such a good relationship with his Father in Heaven.

Mongolian Captain Moroni.JPG
One of our bishops served in Mongolia as a MLS couples. This is Moroni and his Title of Liberty. This was carved by a Mongolian. It’s sick.

Often times as a missionary when you teach people, they teach you. And that was totally true in this case with Craig. It helped me have an even greater desire to strengthen my own relationship with God and with my Savior.

Different country.JPG
Looks like we are in a totally different county. This is walking down a canal road. Just parallel to this dirt road is Bangerter Highway about 3/4 a mile to the left.

This Church is true. I know it.

Love, Elder Jared Blatter


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