Yo! Everyone!

The sunset was beautiful that night.

Service hangover.JPG
This is what service does to you.

So this week we are still doing a ton of service! We are so lucky to be given opportunities to do service. Elder Harris enjoys doing service so we take every opportunity we can.

New face of Nike
New face of Nike.

We had Zone Training this week and the concept of putting in effort and getting results is totally true that was probably one of the most spiritual moments of mission. Testifying about Jesus Christ and his Atonement is the best thing ever!


We also had Stake Conference and Elder Chidester of the 5th quorum of the 70 came to preside. It was pretty awesome. President Palmer (our mission president) came to the adult session. It was legit.

Runner car fan
Runner and a car fan…he is pretty cool. He is running a marathon this Saturday.

We are seeing so many miracles happening. It’s amazing. We are so lucky to be here in Utah doing the Lord’s work.

Hinckley Car
This was President Hinckley’s car that they would take him in back and forth from the airport to Temple Square. A member who worked for the church bought it back in 2004.

More pictures to come!

Love, Elder Jared Blatter


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