Waiting for a ride

That is right! I am going back to the old stomping grounds where almost a year ago Elder Castillo finished my training in the Magna Central Stake. I am excited to go back to see what else I can learn from my companion and the people who live in the Magna Stake.

He is like a cat… “Can we get a cat?” ~ Christian

This past week we tore up a deck! I keep bringing my iPad to service and then get so caught up in doing the service that I forget to get my iPad to take pictures. It was pretty fun. We got fed Jambalaya Louisiana style and that was fantastic.

New couch.JPG
We got a new couch…and we are still preaching the word

We are working with an excommunicated member who is working on coming back. It is so awesome to see how much he desires the Holy Ghost. He has worked with the missionaries in the past but it wasn’t until this point that he sincerely desired the Holy Ghost to want it in his life.

This guy is amazing at piano. He was just messing around here. He would practice for hours upon hours when he was in his teens and 20s. I am so grateful for a Mom who put me through piano lessons and suffered through me complaining about practicing. I will be putting a greater emphasis on piano on the post mission life.

We are all given ways to improve. That is the whole purpose of the Plan of Salvation. Spiritual progression. We are given a short time while here on Earth to prepare to meet our Heavenly Father again. We need to take each day and improve our relationship with God, with our family, with our friends. Find ways to dive deeper into the scriptures and to be easily guided by the Holy Ghost.

District pic?.JPG
District pic?

Once we desire to change and we continually ask God in prayer how we can change, that is when we can progress the most. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t improve right off the bat. The Holy Ghost will give us exactly what we need to do to change. I have seen how people have turned their lives around both temporally and spiritually. You can do it too!

District three.JPG
District THREE! They were awesome! We learned more from them. From right to left: Elder and Sister Bigelow (MLS Couple trainers), MEEEE, Elder Harris the legend, Sister Greene from Iowa, Sister Gingerich (Auburn, CA), Sister Latai (San Fran, CA), Sister Colati (pronounced thou-la-tee and from Fiji), Elder and Sister Tau’a’alo (pronounced touw-a-alo and they are Tongan)

Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders Among You” by Elder Holland April 2016. This was awesome. Also look up the video “Unbroken Motivational” by Mateusz M. That is what our excommunicated member watches all the time to get pumped.

Love, Elder Jared Blatter


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