We went to the seminary graduation to mingle with the youth and some non-members and they were being taught how to dance.

So I am serving in the Magna stake. For all those who even know what/where Magna is, I am everything West of 8400 W to the mountains and from the 201 freeway about 4100 S.

I love it here so much! The work has exploded here in this area! There has been many people moving into Magna because the market is doing well here and so there are many people to begin teaching. Many people here are not very well off, but that means that the Gospel appeals to them even more. It’s awesome.

We had a baptism on Saturday for a boy named Jimmy. He is a pretty cool dude. I would show you how awesome he is but I don’t have the pictures so next week I will show you all! It was really cool. The best part of the baptismal service is to see the ordinance take place and then to present the message of the Restoration with your companion. The spirit is strong in that moment as we testify of Joseph Smith and the First Vision.

We talked to this chill sorta LA guy while getting our oil changed and our tires rotated at Pep Boys in West Valley. This was his Subaru that he customized a ton. He was super cool. His name was Evan.

On Sunday we spoke in two different wards. I think that is the best thing for missionaries to do when they are new to an area or they want to build trust because the members can all see your face and hear a little bit about you and then you can testify about truth to them. I like public speaking…am I weird?

Anyways this gospel is true and I know it. I love it. I am out on my mission because Jesus Christ is my Savior, the Book of Mormon is true, and Joseph Smith is a prophet of God.

Elder Jared Blatter


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