Magnanites: the Few, the Unique, the Humble

We weren’t moving in this picture I promise…

Magna is so great! Just got to make that statement right now. It may seem pretty rough on the outside but everyone here is great. I love serving here.

Sorry if I have been behind on writing a weekly email. This is kinda a monthly email now. But I have no excuse and I will update everyone on the most recent events.

Funny story…we had to baptize him about seven times because he floated so well in the water. That is a baptism that he and I will never forget lol.

We had a baptism! It was so awesome! He was so ready to be baptized last month but some unexpected trials came up. However, the Lord has a plan for everyone and we were able to help him work everything out. He is awesome.

We went to temple square with a recent convert that recently moved back into our area. It was so cool to see people who have made that covenant of baptism and are just so ready to progress in the gospel.

Love you all!

Elder Jared Blatter


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