Magna Water

Yes I was getting proposed to by my companion.

That subject line is completely irrelevant. But no worries.

Zone training 1.JPG
Zone Training!

This week was great! We had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) on Tuesday and some of the best discussions about the white handbook ever. It is awesome that we have these rules that allows us to have the Spirit with us in an even greater abundance. If we want to obey the commandments and standards of the gospel (and mission rules) because we love Heavenly Father and we want His blessings. It will be a whole lot easier to be obedient to those things.

We had some cancellations and some dropping of people this week. Unfortunately that happens in missionary work. But that also means that Heavenly Father has something else planned for us. And it was awesome because we have two new solid people to teach! It’s awesome!

This was a Mach I and it was super cool so we took a picture

Let me tell you about David W. He is such a legend. He is a middle aged guy who went on his mission when he was supposed to and then went less active after returning early from his mission. He didn’t go to church for about 25 years. And then after a series of events from his work he went to church and had an overwhelming feeling of the Holy Ghost at sacrament meeting. Since then he has done…literally everything…to get back to church. He has read the Book of Mormon and is halfway through again since the time I have been in Magna (since the beginning of June). He is just an amazing guy. When we go to his lessons our roles switch and we get taught more than he does.

There is this guy in our area who is less active who has awesome costumes and does models for a living. He designs the models for props for tv shows and people pay him.

I love being on my mission. We all face challenges in our life and sometimes those challenges happen on the mission. It ain’t easy but it is totally worth it!

Love you all! Pictures to come.

Elder Jared Blatter


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