Stansbury/Stansbury South/Wendover Area

Some guy built a tree about 20 miles outside of Wendover…

So I can officially say that I went to Wendover for one of my birthdays. Most people wouldn’t remember half of their trip. But what we did was a little different: we helped someone move their washer and dryer out of their trailer home and into another trailer home, we taught a 12 step Addiction Recovery Program class, and taught a less active family about the Ten Commandments.

So the border between Utah and Nevada is right in the middle of Wendover and it is divided into two parts: Wendover and West Wendover. We cover both of that and also everything from Wendover to Montello up north and Ibapah down south. So that is our boundaries. We don’t go very far west past Wendover. And then we cover the two stakes in Stansbury.

Probably one of the best birthdays ever. I love the area we cover. For those who don’t know about Wendover it is a small town that started because of the mines out there and people needed a place to live. And then refineries and big companies put their processing plants in the middle of nowhere and the closest place to live or eat was in Wendover. And then (not sure when) but Nevada allowed gambling in their state and so on the main road there is a big line that has a Utah side and a Nevada side. So now there is five casinos and a huge crowd every weekend.

This is roughly the area of the Stansbury stakes. There ya go!

We also cover two stakes in Stansbury so it is tons of fun and lots of work. We will always be busy so it will be great. There are so many great people in Stansbury and they have very strong wards out here. We are pretty lucky that they are here to help the missionary work move forward. Because we cover so much area, we have been advised to only work with the wards that have missionary work to be done. We will have to drop a lot of people. We have to do our best to work with the Ward to find the elect who are ready to be baptized and reactivated.

They had SpeedWeek at the Bonneville Salt Flats where they do a bunch of world record of fastest land speed and stuff like that and you can’t even see them from the highway because they are so far out. Top Gear went to that event a few years ago too.

It’s gonna be awesome. Thanks for all the emails and the love and the birthday wishes! You are all great!

Love, Elder Jared Blatter


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