3800 Miles Later…

Okay I will take more pictures I promise. We went to the West Wendover
High School football game for a bit and saw some of our members in the
stands and on the field. It was pretty chill.

That is how many miles we are given each month. It is enough to go from LA to NYC and half way back. Because of our assignment, we do a lot of driving and it’s super fun. We are so lucky to have a vehicle that is comfortable and has working AC.

Anyways, this being the second week we are getting more settled into the area. We have been able to meet almost all of the WMLs and we had an awesome coordination meeting on Sunday with the Stansbury Park stake. We are hoping to see things pick up a lot more now that we are all settled in.

We have been doing a whole lot of contacting in Stansbury. We are just doing our best to meet everyone that was being taught before and who have been referred to us. We really have to narrow down our teaching pool to those who truly desire to follow Christ.

We do some awesome service in Wendover. On Saturday morning we stacked hay for a few hours. It was a small load so only about 5 tons but it was still a lot of fun! Best part of the story was that we both forgot we were doing service and so I was wearing gym shorts and some casual shoes when we did this instead of wearing boots and pants. But it was all part of the experience.

Thank you for all that you do! You are all awesome!

Love, Elder Jared Blatter


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