Eat, Sleep, Missionary, Repeat


I really am doing my best to come up with creative subject lines. Probably around my 18 month mark I will run out of ideas.

Anyways! Just another amazing week out here in Tooele Valley and Wendover. We have to be careful when we throw around “We will be in Wendover that day…” Because people look at us weird when we do that so we have to say something like “We will be serving in Wendover on that day…”


This week we had MLC and then on Friday we had Zone Training. It was awesome. We talked all about teaching skills and about repentance. I am so glad we have these missionary meetings and that we can help each other become better teachers.

Beautiful country

We went out to Montello on Saturday morning to go help a family that we teach go cut wood. We drove an hour out to Montello and then got in the trucks and drove an hour down a dirt road to get to the good trees and then cut for an hour or so and drove an hour back and unloaded it. It was so much fun! We had to take one of the trucks up a hill to get the trees. I will send pictures. It was such a good time serving others.

Our view from the back of the truck before we took off
Here we go
We were taking selfies as people passed us but they were too blurry and no one looked
Another failed selfie of a person driving by
This was the before picture but I never got an after picture
On the road to Wendover. I have a bunch of these
Only a little bored
It’s beautiful ain’t it?
This one was pretty cool

Recently my studies have been in Ether and about how important it is to submit our will to God’s and to follow the council of a prophet. If we turn to the Lord and truly show our need for His help, he will make our weaknesses strong. I can’t imagine how Ether was feeling when he was commanded to go preach to the Jaredites who were incredibly wicked. But the answer he got from the Lord was so awesome (Ether 12:26, 27). It put a whole new meaning to that chapter. I love the Book of Mormon!

All of you are awesome! Thanks for all that you do!

Elder Jared Blatter


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