We had an awesome time out in Ibapah! We had this branch social we went to and we got to know all the members (because there are only about 15-20 people in the branch). Probably some of the best Dutch oven cooking we have ever had. It was great!

We hit up Montello on Saturday and found a new investigator (who was dropped because she was on vacation) and we are hoping to be teaching her next week. Montello is a great little town but it is the end of the road for a lot of people.

Something I have been studying recently was from Mosiah 4:11-12. I love these two verses. These are probably my favorite scriptures. It talks about always remembering God and his long suffering towards us, staying humble, and calling on the name of the Lord daily. If we do these things we will always rejoice and have the love of God, always retain a remission of our sins, and grow in the knowledge of the glory of God. Just an awesome set of verses.

The Lord is hastening his work and we are just lucky to be a part of it!

You guys are all awesome!

Love, Elder Jared Blatter


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