Ciao Famiglia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an awesome week this has been!

This is the old MTC group reunited once again! Elder Ferren and I have yet to serve together but we are crossing our fingers. The Sisters are killing each other in a trio so there is hope!

The first snow of the season happened this week! I am excited for snow and at the same time not really at all. Wether we like it or not snowball fighting season is upon us and I am definitely looking forward to that. For those who are in Canada…we know that you have had snow since mid August.

The TOOELE ZONE! Elder Shermer and I taking the selfie during the picture

This week we had an awesome Zone Conference. With those happening every transfer it is the best thing ever to receive trainings from our leaders and especially our mission president and his wife. They are amazing. We have been talking a ton about how the fifth Preach My Gospel lesson (Laws and Ordinances) builds faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement for those whom we are teaching. We often forget how important the principles in that lesson are and how they help us have enduring conversion.

The selfie

A miracle from the week was when we talked to an active brother in the ward who we thought had a referral for us. Turns out his wife knew the situation but we asked him if there was anyone else that we should visit. He told us about Josiah who is a 16 year old and is struggling a bit about with his testimony. We left his home and were going to the next thing we planned for but we both felt that we should go visit him now.

We dug this trench. We are proud of the trench we dug. It’s beautiful.

When we knocked his older brother Jordan answered the door. He was someone we had been referred to go visit by a missionary who used to serve in that stake. His address had been wrong in the records and we couldn’t find him. We were able to talk to Jordan and Josiah and they said that today was the right day to stop by. If we had come by two weeks ago we wouldn’t have been let inside. They both want to improve their testimonies and they expressed desires to serve a mission. That was truly a testimony builder that God is aware of his children. I know that He leads and guides us each and every day.

I was supposed to do this almost 6 months ago but didn’t…

Everyone have an awesome week!

Dinner at a member’s house in Stansbury Park

Love you!

Elder Jared Blatter


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