‘Twas the Pday before Christmas…

We found the Erda missionaries on this packet in the baño so we decided to take a selfie with it

This week we had transfers and my new companion is Elder Kozakevitch from Kansas! Just kidding he is from Brazil and his name is from Ukraine. I only have to have a companion from Asia and Africa and I will have a place to stay in every part of the world.

I am so glad that we can preach the gospel with a companion to be a second witness of the truth and that we can rely on them to help us. I have been blessed with such amazing companions who help me be a better disciple of Christ.

Our companionship unity is so strong that we are on opposite sides of the picture

We had MLC this week also and it was probably the best one I have been to so far. For the second portion of the meeting, we sat in a half circle in the Relief Society room and there was a simple picture of the nativity projected on the wall. Each companionship was assigned to study a different part of the Nativity story. Everyone got to share with each other what we studied and I learned a ton. It made the Nativity mean so much more to me.

So a company in Tooele was doing a party and invited all of the missionaries in the zone. They had plenty of food and this is why. They had another pig out of the frame of the picture.

We had an extremely powerful lesson with a recent convert whose name is Aspen. She was baptized by the ward even though she was 10. They forgot to involve the missionaries. We got all the paperwork worked out and our direction from the brethren was to teach all of the missionary lessons to her. While teaching the Restoration we showed her the video of the First Vision and the Spirit was so powerful as her father testified to Aspen and her mom that these things were true. We are going to help the family become active again.

This is a house two streets behind us and they do this show for a few hours every night. It was freakin awesome. Our childhood was brought back.

Serving Jesus Christ is the best thing I can be doing with my life right now. I love every day even if they never go according to plan. Remember that all of you can also serve Christ now and you can #SpreadtheLight that you have.

Elder Jared Blatter


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