The Spirit of Christ(mas)

This is Jordan who is someone we are teaching. He is a legend. My companion is on the right.

The Mighty Toole Zone

We had an awesome week! Despite this being the week before Christmas, we met with many people that we needed to 🙂

And here we are a little less professional

We met with Aspen who is a recent convert and her mom doesn’t come to church because of people shunning her when she was a youth and other reasons. We brought the primary president with us to the lesson. At the end of the lesson she told her story about how she was away from the church for over a decade and how she regretted that decision ever since she became active again. As the primary president shared that experience, Aspen’s Mom was touched by the Spirit.

Exchanges adventures. Yes he has a chainsaw.

A few nights later, we met with a semi less active family and the member we brought with us was awesome! He showed the support of the ward through his words and actions. He made sure the family was going to be taken care for Christmas and made the arrangements before we had even left their house. Members are so important to missionary work. It was great to see those miracles.

Christmas Day crew

Christmas was so great! We got about a foot of snow over night and so we helped our landlord clear his driveway and walk. Then we started on our neighbor’s driveway (who is also our ward mission leader) and we got to use a snowblower. It’s exactly like using a lawnmower but its not grass but snow. It was tons of fun! We met one of our neighbors who was from NEWBURY PARK! It was way cool. And then we helped another neighbor who was a single sister. She appreciated it so much. That was the best part of Christmas. Who needs presents.

And the snow

Love you guys!
Elder Jared Blatter


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