You Don’t Like the Weather in Utah? Wait 5 Minutes…

The adventures of exchanges with Elder Quinnelly

So yesterday was in the high teens during the day as far as weather goes and then today when we woke up it was 50 degrees. It melted all of the snow that hasn’t been piled up and as I write it is currently 46 degrees. I have no idea what happened but spring came early.

We had a lesson inside the high school with our investigator Jordan who is 17. He had a wrestling match and so he couldn’t leave the school until it was over. His brother was good friends with the vice principal and so he made arrangements and we taught a lesson inside the counseling office. It was so strange but a great lesson none the less!

We met again with him on Sunday because now that he has a date we can start teaching the lessons. It was probably the best lesson on the 10 Commandments I have ever had. Jordan’s brother has personal experiences for every commandment out there and he has a strong testimony on why we have them. I highly encourage all of you to read the article “Opening the Door to the Gospel” in the July 2014 Ensign to learn more about Jordan’s brother Patrick Willoughby.

The Tooele Zone round two


We had an awesome zone training this week and we talked about the importance of following the council of our key holder, President Palmer. We also received an awesome training on how important love is with missionary work. We are so lucky we can meet together often and receive so many great trainings.

This place is called Penney’s Grill. It’s like 15 minutes south of Tooele. It was awesome. The Blue Explosion burger. I highly recommend it.

You guys are all awesome! Have a ballin week!

Love, Elder Jared Blatter


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