Hunting for the Elect

We stuck 5 missionaries and two missionaries stuff into one RAV4. You can’t really tell but everyone except the driver had stuff piled on top of them. This was after we had woken up at 4:30 am to drive a missionary to the airport who was finishing his mission.

I apologize to all those who were expecting a weekly email for the past week…more like three weeks. Things have been crazy. However now that the dust has settled from transfers, I can tell ya what has happened.

This is called the Halloween House. The guys goes crazy with decorations during Halloween and you can pay to walk through his house which is turned into a mad scientist lab. We now use it as a landmark in order to help us know that we are close to our house.

So I got transferred to the Hunter and Hunter East Stakes in West Valley. It’s like in between Granger and Magna. This place is awesome. The members out here have welcomed us and shown us so much love. We white washed the previous missionaries who were here. It’s been quite the adventure getting to know the area and the people they were teaching.

First official companionship selfie while the member we were correlating with wasn’t looking. My companion’s name is Elder Sonomura from Oahu. He’s my third companion from Hawaii.

We are so blessed to have someone on baptismal date who is getting baptized next week. His name is Matt and he has waited until he is 18 to get baptized due to his Dad not giving him permission when he was a minor. He has such a strong testimony.


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