Too Fast


How we spent our Valentine’s Day.

This week was one of those that went by way too fast. It was awesome. Again the Lord continues to bless us with many people to teach and miracles.

So we took this picture because Elder Sonomura is from Hawaii and is always cold and our ward mission leader Brother Gomez (who is awesome by the way) wasn’t wearing a coat the day we took this picture.

On Sunday we had two awesome experiences. Saturday night we had called a bunch of referrals who we had a hard time contacting. We called one and we set up an appointment for Sunday afternoon. That was with Sister Beganovic. She was born in Germany and her heritage is Bosnian but she grew up in the States. She wants to learn more about the Church and she and her husband were super comfortable around us. It was so cool getting to know them. We hope to continue teaching them.

Then right after that appointment we had another one with Jim. He was baptized when he was younger and is now in his early 50s. He has endured a ton of trials in his life and has come to a point where he needed something more than what he had. His employer who is a member of the Church got ahold of us and set up this appointment with us. His knowledge of the Gospel is so small but he is willing to learn. After leaving those two lessons I had the best feeling of knowing I was giving back to others and helping them understand how much God loves them.

This is Matt. He is awesome. He got baptized on Saturday and we had to hold the service in the chapel because he had so many people supporting him.

There is nothing else better I could be doing with my life right now. Being able to spread the truth of the Gospel and blessing other people’s lives is a great privilege.

Our adventure at Temple Square

I am sorry if I wasn’t able to answer anyone! We went to Temple Square today and that took up a lot of time. I will respond more next week 🙂


Love you all!
Elder Jared Blatter


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