The week in pics

Sorry I didn’t write last week! The good news is that I have a ton of pictures to send out so I hope you enjoy the adventures of Elder Blatter in Utah!

So first news is that we are now in a trio. I am not sure if I made that known to everyone yet. Our new companion is Elder Coco and he is from the Philippines. His city is called Dumaguete which is close to Cebu City. He lives on the island that looks like a sock and Dumaguete is towards the south of that island.
The two girls we are posing with got baptized not the same day. Elder Sonomura had the opportunity to baptize Trinitie who was in the first picture. The second picture is Josie. They both come from families who haven’t been as active in the church and so the bishops asked us to teach them.
Elder Coco is always cold and so this is how he bundles up when he goes to bed.
It is kinda blurry but we were walking down the street and asked someone if he needed help and he said yes. We tore down this half put together shed thing. The wind was blowing really hard too so it made it more sketchy trying to take down the shed without it falling on us.
So this is an LDS church building. There is probably only one of these in the world. However, us being the missionaries that we are, we decided to find a way into the lighthouse part.
This was the base of the lighthouse…
This was us in the inside of the top
This was a cool opportunity. Linh is our investigator who is temporarily living in our area but his family lives in California. He is the tall guy in back. We were able to Skype him in CA and teach him a lesson. The Sister Missionaries from the Ward he attends in CA and member from that ward are sitting on the right. Those are Linh’s kids in front of him. That was such a cool experience. We taught about families because he cares so much for his kids and his wife. I know that the teachings of Jesus Christ will make us better people and will help our families to grow closer together. Families are ordained of God and are part of His divine plan of happiness for His children.

Hope everyone has an awesome week!

Elder Jared Blatter


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