A Prophet Lives!

This is the Bingham family who we took to conference. They are awesome!

We had a fantastic Italian dinner and the good brother in this picture in the red served his mission in Salt Lake City. He also knew my previous companion Elder Maldarrizi!

Wow. This weekend was incredible. Being able to be filled with such spiritual guidance from the servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are so blessed to be living at this time where we can have so much access to the words of prophets and apostles along with the canonized scriptures. Personally, Elder Ballard’s talk about goals and Elder Rasband’s talk about the Holy Ghost stood out to me. I hope all of your questions were answered as mine were.

We hung out with Spanish missionaries during conference

We had incredible experience on Thursday night. We had a long meeting with Jim. He is a less active man who, through his employer, started taking the lesson from us. He had such little knowledge of the gospel. That night was his last night before going into a mental health recovery program. He was someone who was in the depths of despair. We talked for a long time and left him with a blessing. It brought so much comfort to all of us knowing that Jesus Christ has suffered through everything we face in this life. Every trial, temptation, challenge, heartbreak, and affliction. Christ knows how you feel just like he understood how Jim felt.

This kid is Matthew. And he is 11. He designed and built this Rebel Interceptor all by himself. He is going places.

The gospel brings hope and peace to all of our lives regardless of our situation or background. I invite all of you to take the time to go to Mormon.org and to watch the new Easter initiative video. I also invite you to learn principles of peace below the main video. Christ lives! I know it.

This was us contacting and we got pulled over (checked that off on my mission bucket list). We got off pretty easy only because his registration was expired.

Elder Jared Blatter

[P.S. from Jared’s family—some of his friends from Newbury Park saw him near the Conference Center!]

General Conference.JPG


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