Let’s Do This

Hey everyone!

We had a crazy fun Pday today! We biked from West Valley to North of the capital building (5,000+ feet above sea level!) to Ensign Peak. That is a monument to remember when Brigham Young and 7 others climbed to the top of the mountain to survey the land in preparation for building salt lake. It was cool to imagine what the Valley would of looked like without any civilization at all. All in all we biked about 25 miles today and hiked for a mile. It was awesome.

The manliest mac and cheese meal you will ever see. A fried egg and bacon because reasons. Chewbacca joined the lunch. It was a great time.

We had an incredible day yesterday. It was fast Sunday so it was a great opportunity to attend many wards to hear others’ testimonies of Jesus Christ. We also had our stake correlation meeting because next week is Mother’s Day. That was my last official stake Correlation as a full time missionary. What a weird feeling. We had some awesome training though.

Later that day we knocked on the door of a referral and no one answered but we heard people out back having a good time. So we did like any missionary would and went to the back gate and started yelling at them to get their attention. Turns out that the two people we were looking for were there and we were able to have a quick lesson with them before running off to our next lesson.

This describes our area pretty well. Photo Cred: Elder Bowie

The work is progressing a ton right now. We are so blessed to be serving here.

Have an awesome week!


Elder Jared Blatter


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